Who We Are

The Roundtable is a Member organization of medical group executives that work to frame incremental, achievable solutions to help advance critical physician-workforce issues faced by Academic Medical Centers across diverse organizational structures.

Upcoming Meetings

Spring 2021

May 6 & 13, 2021
Virtual Leadership Roundtable

Member Testimonials 

“The Roundtable gives you a perspective that you don’t have sitting by yourself. It gets you in the room with your peers on the ground who are doing the same work as you.”

Jane Schumaker, University of Colorado School of Medicine

“The Roundtable affords us the unique opportunity to access transformational ideas from the members that allows us to positively impact the structures at our home institutions.”

Frederick Borrelli, Yale School of Medicine

“AMGL Roundtable provides a forum for peers to share their thoughts about the challenges each of us face and practical solutions for these challenges. There isn’t a set of meetings more useful than these.”

Richard Sobieray, USF Health

“Over the past 12 years I have developed a network of peers and friends/colleagues that have helped me to be a successful leader and innovator of change at OHSU.  I find the AMGL Roundtable so valuable that I made sure it was part of my employment offer when I switched institutions.”

Anthony Masciotra, Jr., Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine 

“I participate with this group because managing a faculty practice plan is an evolving and growing environment. Meeting with peers on a regular basis and having the ability to share insights and issues with individuals facing the same or similar challenges is a terrific resource.” 

Victor Arnold, University of Missouri Columbia College of Medicine

“Having been in Academic Medicine for 28 of my 38 years in healthcare and being part of the founding organizations that started this amazing entity I would say one thing – this is an incredible group of colleagues that really understand the day to day that we all are challenged with. The forward thinking of this group across the US is incredibly helpful as we move our organizations forward.”

Paul Hudson, University of Southern California